Combating the threat of fire is of prime importance to minimize risk to personnel, products and buildings.

Cannon Elec will recommend the most effective systems to prevent, detect and suppress fire, whether your requirements are relatively straightforward or require highly sensitive equipment to counter the problems posed by difficult environments such as those with restricted access, extreme temperatures, humidity or dirt, high ceilings or numerous aesthetic requirements.

Smoke Vents are an ideal way to ensure in the event of fire, that smoke is quickly and efficiently dispersed.

Windows are fitted with electronic arms that automatically open in the event of smoke being detected. Smoke Vents are particularly suitable for large domestic dwellings for example.

Fire & Smoke Ventilation Systems

In smoke filled areas exits are hidden, people can be asphyxiated and fire fighting difficulties are increased, to extract smoke the simplest method is to vent through a window or roof light etc. creating a chimney by means of a through draft.

Actuators & systems available for all types of vents - top, bottom & side-hung windows, rooflights, fire flaps & louvres, Controls operate electronically and can be utilized for day-to-day ventilation with automatic switching for all types of sensors with priority to fire & smoke.

Applications: Shopping Centres, Factories, Public Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels etc.

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